10867 S Ocean dDr.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

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About Us


I grew up on this Island—spent my summers here while in grade school—staying just across the street at the Courtyard Marriott with my parents. My first professional cooking job was across the street, too, at what is now my restaurant. With Hutchinson American Kitchen, I wanted to tie these two things together. History and Home.This Island has a ton of history and it is my home. I felt this restaurant should embody both.

I wanted to make sure my guests felt like they could experience Hutchinson Island without having to leave “home.” Plus, I have a very deep appreciation for the restaurant industry and I want this restaurant to pay homage to the centuries long tradition of socializing around great food and drink. That is also why I used the word “Kitchen” in the name. When you think of home, how many great memories are made in the kitchen? When you wake up, or go to sleep, you can always find something to snack on or drink in the kitchen.

Hutchinson American Kitchen is a place I can go to after working a 16-hour day, and feel good about—a place where I can get a decent meal, one that is delicious and nurturing. So before work, or after work, my team and I have a place to go where we can fuel up for the day, or unwind from the day. The word restaurant literally means to “re-store” or “replenish”. At Hutchinson American Kitchen, you can do just that.

You will find comfort food prepared with exceptional care that champions the products and the techniques to bring about familiar, yet refined flavors. Our wine and cocktail list showcases some of the best small batch and hand crafted options available, alongside your go-to favorites. Welcome home. We are so happy to have you here.

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